Amber Bunce 

Amber Bunce is the owner and operator of The Castle Spa. Amber has a diploma in massage therapy from The Chicago School of Massage Therapy (The Cortiva Institute) as well as Master’s Degree in Business. In addition to owning the spa, Amber is the Corporate Operations Officer of an adult foster care corporation that specializes in housing mentally ill individuals. She has several years of experience as an entrepreneur and finds the task a true blessing. Amber developed a passion for the spa industry after working as a massage therapist in the Chicagoland area in the early 2000’s. Her intention with The Castle Spa is to bring health, wellness, beauty and community service to the South Haven area. She has a passion for providing clean products in an environmentally friendly space. Additionally, she has a strong desire to provide a beautiful, relaxing destination for all guests to enjoy. In addition to her professional endeavors, her true calling is parenting her three children with her husband, Jack